Areas of Focus

To ensure that PBS remains America’s largest classroom, its premier stage for the arts, and a trusted window to the world, our funding priorities include Arts & Culture, Education & Children’s Programming, News & Public Affairs, History, and Science & Nature.

Arts & Culture

PBS guarantees Americans everywhere a front-row seat for the best the arts have to offer.

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Education & Children's Programming

PBS KIDS is the country’s most valued source of programs for young children.

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News & Public Affairs

PBS is the most respected source of news reporting on American television.

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Science & Nature

PBS is home to the most ambitious science and nature programs on television.

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Current Initiatives

The PBS Foundation secures funding to support PBS' priority initiatives and projects. Learn more about these innovative new initiatives that connect exceptional PBS content to local communities.

PBS Digital Studios

From its inception in 2012, PBS Digital Studios, in partnership with PBS member stations, has been at the forefront of creating Web-original content that is consistent with the ethos of PBS’ long-respected and admired broadcast content. While PBS Digital Studios enjoys broad appeal, it has particular resonance with large audiences between the ages of 18 and 34, with whom PBS wants to form a lifelong bond.

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PBS stations across the nation are now able to broadcast PBS KIDS shows 24 hours a day on an additional television channel and offer a live stream, making it easy for children to watch their favorite series during primetime and other after-school hours when viewing among families is high. The 24/7 PBS KIDS offering is an integral part of PBS’ long-term vision for its children’s service and will build on the reach and impact local stations already have in their communities, where they provide essential services for kids, parents and teachers.

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PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia is a free digital content library, providing PreK-12 content to teachers from America’s #1 Educational Media Brand.

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As a public service provider and a membership organization, PBS must serve and anticipate the constantly changing needs of our member stations and their audiences. We meet these challenges by pursuing programs employing innovative techniques to satisfy viewers' interests in a multitude of subjects including News and Public Affairs, Science & Natural History, Drama & Performing Arts, and Children's Programming.

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